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Novembre 20th, 2015 by Marco

convinto di averlo naturalente postato, ma convinto davvero… gia’ il brano vale la visione. mea culpa.


Agosto 28th, 2013 by Marco

… gia’ solo per la musica del trailer,
qui il blog
via il solito prolly nei suoi likes

One race: The Transcontinental.
One mission: Team AWOL.
We followed Recep Yeşil and Erik Nohlin, both part of the developer team around the Specialized AWOL, on their mission to ride the mighty Transcontinental Race from London to Istanbul within two weeks, overcoming more than 3100km, 30.000m of altitude gain and crossing 14 european borders. Unsupported, following a route of their choice. We stayed on their side, day and night, rain or shine, crossing the whole european continent.
It has been a wild and inspirational journey in so many unexpected ways and we will tell their story.
The full length documentary will be released in late 2013.

♣ NYC – MTL ♣

Luglio 18th, 2013 by Marco